Papa Hadyn’s a great stop for dessert

Rebekah Harrell

Papa Haydn’s is a well-known restaurant that serves delicious European desserts. They feature a menu with over 20 options ranging from German Chocolate Cake to Coconut Macaroons.

The first dessert is the Passion dessert and is a must. It features small white cake layered with chocolate cake underneath. The outside of the cake is covered with hard white chocolate and the center is filled with a raspberry buttercream. On top it is layered with a passion fruit sauce. Then they lay a white chocolate seal with an H on top. They decorate the plate with a drizzle of passion fruit and a raspberry chocolate sauce.

The Passion dessert has a creamy rich taste and the passion fruit balances the dish perfectly.  The hard shell of white chocolate is a bit difficult to cut, but when it breaks apart it blends perfectly with the other flavors.

Another delicious dessert is called the Café de Oro which is a small brownie covered in a dark chocolate mousse and filled with a rich coffee flavor that pulls the dish together perfectly. If you love coffee, this is the dessert for you. The creamy texture combined with the coffee is a perfect match.

The prices for desserts are relatively typical compared to other restaurants. A dessert can cost as low as $3 to the high price of $15 depending on the type of dish you order.

 Papa Haydn’s Restaurant has two locations. One is located on Milwaukie avenue in southeast Portland and the other is located on NW 23rd street. The parking surrounding both these locations is terrible. Most times you have to park a couple blocks away and walk to arrive at the restaurant. In order to get a table, a reservation is required and I suggest making them at least a week in advance. They have two options for dining. First inside at a booth or table and the second is out in their heated tent.  

Overall, Papa Haydn’s is a great place for a girls night out or date night and any of their desserts are definitely worth trying.

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