HBO series ‘Euphoria’ gains high viewership with teens

Michelle Valencia
Opinion Editor

HBO’s hit series “Euphoria” has been the recent sensation as the new season is being released each week. This show has been a hot topic amongst students ever since it first premiered back in the summer of 2019. 

The show was made to spread awareness on various topics that surface among teens and young adults. Problems such as addiction, substance abuse, mental health, trauma, gender, identity, love, relationships, social media, and much more, are all covered by the show. 

“Euphoria” gained rapid popularity because it targeted an audience that consisted of teens like the characters portrayed on the show. Many have come to like and even grow a connection to the characters. Rue is the main character of the series played by Zendaya, who won an Emmy for her performance on the show. Other characters that are fan favorites are Maddy, Fezco, Cassie, Kat, and Lexi.

For some people, the show is just another show but for many others, it has quickly become a hard-hitting show due to all of its content. Graphic scenes or scenes that are purposefully made to trigger emotions, are made to connect and raise awareness with viewers. 

“It can be a lot for me to process at certain times throughout the show, especially since I can relate and even struggle with some of the issues shown,” junior Brinna Reynolds said.

Because “Euphoria” is a show that is made to be packed with all different types of modern teenage problems, it can get overwhelming with all of the content that it carries and even seem to feel out of touch with reality at times. 

“Some parts of ‘Euphoria’ definitely are accurately representing high school today, but there are other parts I feel are over-exaggerated or just aren’t even happening for the average high schooler at Sandy High,” junior Aeris Vallen said.

Even though the show may seem to get a bad rep because of certain points made, many who have watched the show recommend it to other teens or young adults. 

“I recommend this show to young adults, I believe many teens would feel represented or see themselves in the characters or situations in ‘Euphoria’. But I do think before watching it’s important to make sure you’re ready for the events that take place, it’s a very intense show and might be overwhelming or triggering for some people,” Vallen said. 

Many believe that it is important for people to be exposed to real life things like these in order to learn and grow.

“‘Euphoria’ talks about many important topics and I feel like it is important for young adults to see the struggles in order to avoid them in real life and it also can be very eye opening for many,” junior Amaya Peralta said.

“Euphoria” is supposed to be a show that is problematic and difficult for viewers to watch, portraying raw emotions around topics that are often made to seem easy and even taboo to talk about. Its goal is to shed light and to raise awareness about these heavy topics to people who  may experience them.

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